Mission Statement: Our focus is to offer practical and sustained support to men and women worldwide and to share the Gospel of Christ.


Who can be a missionary? 

God is continually calling His people to fulfill the Great Commission. For some that means staying right where you are and ministering in your local community. For others it may mean living in another part of the world. Where is God calling YOU to serve?


What can I do? There are many ways to serve globally and locally.



Plan on attending the monthly missions meeting held on the first Saturday of each month. Contact Pastor Larry at larry@lasfloreschurch.com for more information.


Church Development:

Every March Las Flores Church hosts a Faith Promise Weekend which is a time to focus our congregation's attention on Faith Promise and the World Evangelism Fund. During this weekend Las Flores holds a Faith Promise Banquet. During the evening we have the opportunity to hear from our own missionaries who have faithfully represented the Lord and have shared God's love to change lives. In conjunction with Faith Promise Weekend we have Alabaster Boxes (that have been available for weeks prior) to raise funds toward the purchase of land and construction of churches, schools, medical facilities, and homes for missionaries and national workers. It is so exciting to watch even the youngest members of our church bring their Alabaster boxes full of coins to drop into our wheelbarrow. In 2014, Faith Promise & Alabaster offerings topped at $37,600 to support Nazarene ministries worldwide.


Compassionate Ministry:

Annual Casa Robles Trip: This is a wonderful opportunity for us to hear some amazing stories from retired Nazarene missionaries. We travel to them (in Los Angeles) and have a BBQ style luncheon. The missionaries always receive visitors with great enthusiasm and love. And, there is always a special program for the kids!

Community Outreach: Las Flores shows how we can serve others in our own community. We give of ourselves as local missionaries by showing Christ's love through acts of service to others. In the past we have painted, cooked, cleaned and served in places like the Bread of Life shelter in Oceanside, Boys & Girls Club in Carlsbad, Fraternity House Hospice and the Pregnancy Resource Center.


Work & Witness:

Since 1974 over 190,000 people have been involved in Work & Witness projects worldwide with the Nazarene Church. Work & Witness teams help with construction, medical and technical work, as well as evangelical needs all over the world.


Sun Valley Indian School: Every year Las Flores sends a work and witness team to Sun Valley Indian School. It is a wonderful opportunity to share God's love with the kids from the local Navajo reservation (near Holbrook, AZ) as well as help the staff at the school by cooking, cleaning, painting, maintenance and Vacation Bible School (VBS). Some of the kids from Sun Valley have been able to attend the Southern California Nazarene District summer camp through scholarships provided by Las Flores members. Now the school even has a bible quiz team! For more information see www.indianschool.org.




Haiti Work & Witness: Every year Las Flores sends a work and witness team to remote areas of Haiti. Haiti is an amazing, vibrant and exciting country but it has many challenges. Ravaged by natural disasters, diseases and generations of systemic poverty it is in desperate need of transformation. As many as six and a half million Haitians struggle to survive on less than $2 per day, and many go without life’s basic needs. Our team partners with community leaders by helping build homes and churches, supplying and supporting medical clinics and investing in local small businesses. For more information or to join our team, please contact Tim Hickson at tim@trueshepherd.com.






A small team from Las Flores Church travels to various parts of East Africa to train pastors from all over the horn of Africa through the Christian Learning Institute (C.L.I). They also hold a VBS style bible class for the children of local villages. Sometimes over 100 children would be in attendance. Due to the political unrest in the region, we continue to pray for our brothers and sisters and we hope that the Lord will once again open the door for another Africa trip.






Additional Missions Opportunities:

LINKS: The LINKS program of the Church of the Nazarene is a network of personal connections between missionaries and Nazarenes around the world. Missionaries are assigned to districts and, then on the district level, connected to local churches. This gives each church an opportunity to become personally acquainted with the missionary family and their field of service. Typically, churches send cards, cash gifts, packages, and other remembrances to their LINKS missionaries.

SWIM: More than 1.1 billion people around the world do not have access to clean drinking water, and waterborne illness is the cause of death of over 6,000 people per day, many of them children. SWIM provides technical training and consulting services, and coordinate oversea development projects to improve the water and sanitation environment for the poorest of the poor in the developing world. Like us on Facebook by clicking here 

True Shepherd Ministries: True Shepherd Ministries is an organization that provides food, water, education, health care and financial support to those in need in rural areas of Haiti. We work with local community leaders to help provide access to health clinics, schools and churches in their local communities. This organization works closely with the Haiti Work & Witness Team. In the future, True Shepherd would like to completely remove the need for the monthly stipends so that these communities can become self sustaining. Like us on Facebook by clicking here.


There are many opportunities to serve in missions both globally and locally.

To find out how visit www.ncm.org